Your products seem biased towards the Amateur (Ham) radio market are you a ham also?

- The managing partner of the business is an extra class amateur license holder (KC0NGU) and has held a UK license since 1984 (G0CPV). Other members of the business and the other business partner are not amateur radio operators.

I bought an item from you on ebay that had a small white label with "F18" printed on it, what does that mean?

- The label is a date code that indicates to us its make month (the letter) and year (the figures). We mainly use it for QC and inventory control

Do you design the products you sell?

- Yes, all our products are designed in-house and are not obtained from a 3rd party

Do you use components (parts) sourced in the USA or do you obtain parts from Asia?

- Whenever possible we source from USA distributors such as Digikey and Mouser, however, all our PCB stock is produced in China, this is a practical decision that allows us to keep our prices low. Remember also that many US based manufacturers of components actually have them made in Asia, this includes well known names such as Texas Instruments and other major manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Here we will try to provide answers to common questions about our business and products, these are the distilled results of questions posed via email by our customers (you). Please browse and if the answer is not here feel free to email us at and we will try to provide a speedy answer.