Our popular code practice oscillator is available with a laser cut case as a fully built item. 

We are also starting to offer this as a stand alone item for existing and new users, Download the easy build instructions.

Laser Cut Case for MK.2 RPi B+

Laser cut case for Raspberry Pi Model A or Model B (not the B+)

Laser cut from 3mm Baltic Birch ply. Supplied as six pieces to snap together to form a stylish strong case for your Raspberry Pi B+ computer

Laser cut from 3mm Crystal clear acrylic

Supplied as 6 pieces to make a snap together enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ computer.

Laser cut Enclosures Assembly Guides

Laser cut case for the CPO

A number of our products come with or can be supplied with a precision laser cut or laser engraved acrylic or wood case/enclosure or plate.

This page has links to some of these items, plus some of our Raspberry Pi legacy products

Laser cut from 2.7mm crystal clear acrylic, this over sized stacking case provides ideal protection for your Raspberry Pi model A of B computer.

Also available in 3mm Baltic Birch.

Both designs are stacking and come with nicely engraved Raspberry logo.