Download Version 2 update notes here

QRP (Low Power) 50 Ohm Dummy Load

Versatile Mini Iambic A/B Keyer

Download Kit Builders Guide here

Download the kit build guide here

Radio Communication 

  Small size, with very powerful feature set – the Memory Key  comprises a 2.25” x 1.75” high quality through hole PCB with built in power source, jacks for paddle and transmitter PTT, small piezo side-tone buzzer and three easily accessed control buttons.
Based on the work of DL4YHF & IZ4KBS, the code is released under the GNU license.  Main features are:
 Dot/Dash speed adjustment (approx. 6 – 45 WPM)
 2 Message memories, 63 character non- volatile & 55 character volatile
 Messages can be looped for CQ or contest work. Messages can be        partitioned
Command mode, with command inputs via the paddles
Iambic A or B

Download the user guide here

Download the user guide here

Direct Conversion WWV & HF Receiver - Version 2

Relative Field Strength Meter

An HF receiver designed to receive the WWV time signals, however, with the addition of an external local oscillator the receiver can become a 2 - 18 MHz receiver.

The open architecture enables easy experimentation and testing.

User guide explains operation, construction and includes ideas for experimentation.

Order code - ERHFRX2

Download the User Guide Here

600 Hz CW (Morse) Audio Filter

Download Quick Start Guide here 

A relative field strength meter for detecting RF emissions in close proximity to the transmitting source.

Determine field strength by distance, locate rf hotspots, determine antenna polarization. Use with an attenuator pad to test QRP (low power transmitters.

Order Code - ERRFSM

This CW filter is a great add on filter for home brew receivers that suffer form poor selectivity or excess QRM. 

Adding this filter between the headphone jack and headphones or powered computer speakers allows you to pull out the weaker signals and copy them more clearly. Available ready built or as an easy build kit.

This Morse key/paddle is a novelty/fun item designed to provide a touch sensitive platform for Morse keying with an Iambic style Morse keying unit such as those provided by ourselves or other suppliers like MFJ  (e.g. MFJ 492 and similar).

There is no doubt that fast accurate Morse code is best derived with a well-designed mechanical paddle and we are not suggesting that this touch key unit can or should replace a conventional Morse paddle, however, it does allow for fast agile Morse to be sent after a little practice.

While this Touch Key can be used as a straight key it is not recommended that the Touch Key be used to directly key a transmitter, always use this key with a keying unit to avoid damage to the Key or yourself!

Touch Sensitive Morse Paddle

Download Documents here

Try our Morse code practice oscillator (CPO) that generates a cleaner tone than many 555 based square wave tone oscillators.

Available in ready built and tested form or as an easy build kit

Download the documentation for both kit and ready made unit along with schematics. 

Order code - ERCPO

Download the user guide here

No need to drag a huge dummy load with you on expeditions or field trips, this 12 Watt board is so lightweight you wont know its there, except when you need it to check your system.

Highest quality resistors and design techniques ensure a flat SWR from 1.8 MHz to 150 MHz.

Additional measuring port allows you to check your actual output power levels.

See the user guide for more details.

Order code - ERQRPDL

​​​​Morse Code Practice Oscillator (CPO)