Mini Memory Iambic Keyer

Based on a Twin-T oscillator our CPO, available ready built or as a kit provides a clean sine wave. Learn Morse code with our Code oscillator. a cased version is also available.

​​​​Morse Code Practice Oscillator (CPO)

This Morse key/paddle is a novelty/fun item designed to provide a touch sensitive platform for Morse keying with an Iambic style Morse keyer

Morse Code Oscillator for Iambic Paddle Keys

This practice module is specifically for paddle keys providing the user with a convinient module for gaining proficiency in sending Morse code using a paddle key. dits and dahs are automatically generated and alternating dits/dahs are possible by squeezing the paddles together. Speed adjustable, high output of clean tone to speakers.

600 Hz CW (Morse) Audio Filter

This CW filter is a great add on filter for home brew receivers that suffer form poor selectivity or excess QRM. 

Adding this filter between the headphone jack and headphones or powered computer speakers allows you to pull out the weaker signals and copy them more clearly. Available ready built or as an easy build kit.

Touch Sensitive Morse Paddle

Small size, with very powerful feature set – the Memory Key  comprises a 2.25” x 1.75” high quality through hole PCB with built in power source, jacks for paddle and transmitter PTT, small piezo side-tone buzzer and three easily accessed control buttons.

Available as a kit, ready built or a cased version