50 Ohm Dummy Loads

A compact and easy to use checker for your crystals from 1MHz  to 60 Mhz 
Also has a ~ 100uV RF output at the frequency of the crystal.

We offer several models of crystal based calibrators, with frequency ranges from 10 KHz to 8 MHz.

 Crystal calibrators

Use this tester, based on the 'Octopus' Tester and a dual trace oscilloscope to identify transistor leads, diodes and many other parts. Solve mystery 'junk box' parts or use to assist in repair of your electronics.

Works best with older dual trace analog scopes.  Also available as a complete unit that includes leads and power supply

RF Sampler ~ Toroid Transformer

Time Domain Reflectometer

Test & Measurement 

An RF sampling tap or port, available in various configurations.

The tap allows the RF signal to be measured or monitored using an oscilloscope or other test equipment as a low voltage signal.

Crystal Tester & RF source 

We offer three different dummy loads with 50 Ohm Impedance. One for low power (12 Watts), one coaxial style and one 'flatpack' for 50 Watts

Use these low cost portable TDR with a digital oscilloscope to measure and test cable pairs. One version can be powered from a USB outlet.

tracER - Component Tester