This test load is designed to provide 4 accurate loads to allow test and calibration of various radio analyzers, tuners and related radio equipment.

Available loads are 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 150 Ohm and 200 Ohm.

The 50 Ohm load can also be used as a low power dummy load.

Download the user guide for more information

User Guide as a pdf

 User guide as pdf

A two part test piece that allows quick and simple determination of coax cable integrity or pending failure.

Visual signal shows, good, bad or faulty cables.

Coax Cable Tester

Original Crystal Tester & RF source

​​​​​Download schematic  as pdf                       

100 KHz, 50 KHz & 25KHz Crystal calibrator

RF Sampling Port

Test & Measurement Tools

User guide as pdf

​User guide as a pdf  

A compact and easy to use checker for your crystals from 1MHz up, can be used with modern wire ended crystals, computer resonators or more vintage FT243 style crystals.
Also has a ~ 100uV RF output at the frequency of the crystal.

The calibrator has been designed to accept a DC voltage on the barrel jack (2.1mmx5.5 mm center positive) between 9 and 20 volts, or an AC voltage on the blue screw terminals. This allows the user to have the unit on the bench powered from a bench supply or integrated in to a tube based receiver where the AC is tapped from the heater line.

The popular Crystal Tester updated to include features such as adjustment trimmer for 'tweaking' the output frequency, BNC connector on/off switch & on-board battery holder for 9 VDC battery

Kit Build instructions as pdf

A compact, triple output calibrator.

Using a 10 MHz block oscillator a full output at 10 MHz is available, plus another 10 MHz output at -20db. Using divide by 10 counters a 100KHz output is also available.

All three outputs can be used at the same time. 

This RF Sampling port is designed to 'tap' a small, safe amount of RF energy from a transmitter, to allow monitoring and measurement of the transmitted signal & audio.

The port sits in the transmission line and does not obstruct the signal or effect the SWR.

A dry dummy load for testing and experiments at 50 Ohms, typically used by radio Amateurs to determine output power & SWR and other transmission characteristics.

50 Ohm Dummy Load/Antenna

Download Schematic as pdf 

 User guide as a pdf 

RF Sampler ~ Toroid Transformer

Crystal Tester - Version 3

10 MHz + 100 KHz calibrator

Component Tester

User Guide as a pdf

User Guide as a pdf

Impedance Test Load

A fully enclosed RF sampling tap or port

designed to provide 30dB reduction in the transmitted RF. Designed around a transmission transformer. The tap allows the RF signal to be measured or monitored using an oscilloscope or other test equipment.

SO-239 connectors for the RF signal, BNC for the RF tap.

User guide as a pdf

Use this tester that is based on the 'Octopus' Tester and a dual trace oscilloscope to identify transistor leads, diodes and many other parts. Solve mystery 'junk box' parts or use to assist in repair of your electronics.

Works best with older dual trace analog scopes. Complete unit includes leads and power supply

User Guide as a pdf